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Water Chillers in Bakery

The baking process is very sensitive to temperature, whether it is the mixing of the dough, or storage of ingredients, temperature-controlled conditions are critical to ensure the quality of the final product. Water temperature is a vital component for triggering natural chemical processes in the dough, for it controls the dough temperature and the hydration of the components. Many bakers use water with a low level of temperature to maintain the temperature of the batter or dough. For this matter, the use of Water Chillers is an easy way to make sure that you have the correct and accurate temperature you need for your mixture.

Chilled water from a water chiller is utilized instead of ambient temperature water in the dough mixing process. Due to the large amount of heat generated in the mixing process, the use of a water chiller allows the dough to be mixed for a longer period of time before it reaches a critical temperature. The additional mixing time allows for a higher quality product to be produced.

Water chiller and Glycol chiller are widely used in food and beverages industry. It could precisely provide chilled water at any temperature for food and beverages manufacturing industry to improve efficiency and product quality. Our Food Grade Industrial Water Chillers are designed to accommodate to any requirement.

We supply water chiller from 4ºC onwards and also Glycol chiller that can accommodate the minus temperature.


  • Latest compressors technologies that are 30% more efficient
  • Low noise and Low vibration
  • Multi safety protection
  • Environment friendly Refrigerant
  • Easy to operate with touch screen or PLC control panel


  • Bakery Ingredient Mixing
  • Food Processing
  • Brewery and Winery
  • Framing