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Water Chiller on Concrete

Supplying temperature-controlled concrete for any construction site is a must all over the world. The development of the strength in concrete is accompanied by evolution of heat as the cement cures and hardens. The heat of hydration raises the temperature during the curing process by up to 25° causing an increase of volume. After curing, the concrete cools down, again reducing its volume and thus naturally causing cracks eventually.

Water Chiller on concretes is very important in dreadfully hot countries such as the Malaysia, Singapore, and countries near and on the equator. The overall strength and durability of the concrete slowly degrades as it is much exposed under intense heat or the solar radiation outside. This climate vastly affects the sturdiness of a structure. Other factors contributing to immense rising of temperature can also damage concretes such as wind speed, various mixtures, and contributing elements.

The installation of a water chiller can essentially reduce the risk of a building getting all torn out or damaged by the said risks. Installation of Water Chiller can keep the internal structure of the concrete at a stable rate during day time and much solid during the night time. Obeying the laws of Physics, water chiller on concrete prevents the expansion of solid materials during immense heat and it maintains its normal form because of the cooling technology.