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HACCP & GMP Compliance Food Processing Solution Provider

The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point or HACCP compliance food processing is a program in which the Food must undergo series of compliance test to determine the overall food safety or maximize the food safety and reduce unforeseen cases of food hazard. The HACCP is a series of standard provided to ensure and prevent risks of food contamination, that is why it must undergo series of tests of Food safety from Growing, sanitation control, environment up to its distribution in the local market. It is essential that the HACCP services must support Good Manufacturing Processes or GMPs Strict standards. It does not only stop on the food processing. HACCP standards also apply on the hygiene of the worker. It must also comply to the health standards to ensure the cleanliness of each product to ensure complete health safety and comfort.

The HACCP Trainings can be classified with each point from the 5 words itself. The HACCP ensures to control all the Hazards that may contaminate the food on whether the hazards may be of Physical, Chemical, or Biological. It was first introduced back in 1960’s to ensure safety of the foods for the astronauts. HACCP provides Prerequisite programs to provide best protection of the food in which is the GMPs above mentioned. One of the pivotal points on developing a well HACCP Plan is first to Describe the product intended to be sold onto its intended consumers. Determining on whether it is best for the consumer is one of the main points of ensuring the best quality standard that the manufacturer might offer and the next is the planning. After the plan was approved, next is the onsite screening on whether the making of the product apprehends to the GMPs and the next is production and distribution to the local market.

According to the rules laid by the Food and Drug Association, here are Five Basic Guidelines for Application of HACCP Principles

  • Introduction
  • Prerequisite Programs
  • Education and Training
  • Developing a HACCP Plan
  • Implementation and Maintenance of the HACCP Plan

The Contents of a HACCP Plan are as follows

  • Assemble the HACCP Team
  • Describe the food and its distribution
  • Describe the intended use and consumer of the food
  • Develop a flow diagram which describes the process
  • Verify the flow diagram
    (7 Principles are below)
    • Conduct a hazard analysis
    • Determine critical points
    • Establish critical limits
    • Establish monitoring procedures
    • Establish corrective actions
    • Establish verification procedures
    • Establish record-keeping and documentation procedures