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Ice Machine

Specialist in concrete cooling solution

Concrete cooling aims to maintain the rigid nature of a concrete or maintain its sturdiness even during broad daylight or extreme calamities especially in Malaysia and rest of South East Asia countries. It ensures that the nature and quality of the concrete is still maintained. Like water chillers, Ice machines is also used in cooling concretes on countries with extremely hot temperatures.Concrete cooling is used to prevent the expansion of concrete during daylight due to extreme temperature. As a result, the hard concrete retains its normal form unlike when Ice machine is not used, the concrete may start to split, crack, loosen, deform, and will demand more water supply due to its water contents have evaporated.

There are different types of ice machine used for concretes. There are Flake Machine and Compressor Machine. The flake machine is a steel container that utilizes a low-temperature condensing unit. The flakes produced in this machine is blended and poured in the concrete. The flakes ensure that the concrete will not crack for it is the immediate source of water in a concrete cooling process. The compressor machine is either a positive relocation compressor or spiral compressor. Positive Relocation compressors are classified as the most efficient among the two and has the biggest refrigerating impact per single unit.
We offer a wide range of concrete cooling solutions for the construction industry. Our concrete system are able to minimize the chance of thermal cracks by controlling the peak temperature of the concrete. Especially for the construction of dams, tunnels, bridges, sewage plant and also skyscraper in the warm climate county. It is very important to control the temperature of the freshly mixed and poured concrete for a successful project.

Concrete cooling water chiller plant - Flake ice plant - combine plant

Chilled water is added prior to the concrete mix to lower the peak temperature during concrete batching production

Flake ice will help to prevent excess temperature rise, after the mixing process which can cause premature hardening of the concrete. In order to prevent this problem flake ice is added into the concrete mixture.

By combining both the chilled water and flake ice plant the highest efficiency of output will be achieved.


  • Containerised structure
  • Easy Mobility
  • Special refrigeration system to ensure consistent running
  • Containerised structure
  • Easy Mobility
  • Special refrigeration system to ensure consistent running


  • Bridge and tunnel constructions
  • Hydropower plant constructions
  • Dam constructions
  • Sky scraper constructions
  • City light railway constructions
  • MRT Project
  • Mass Concrete Production plant