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Ice Machine

The Ice Machine, referred to as Ice generator or Ice maker for some instances.

There are atleast four types of an Ice making machine:

  • A commercial unit or the Modular Ice Machines, commonly sold to various establishments such as hospitals, fast foods, bars, restaurants, supermarket and convenient stores.
  • Residential Ice Makers are made for making a specific type of Ice, like the Ice cubes and such.
  • Portable Ice makers are the ideal ice machine for people who often live in small spaces, dorms, apartments, RVs and are great on the go Ice maker.
  • The Built- In type or undercounter which takes a permanent water line and also a drain line.

An ice machine, however, particularly if described as 'packaged', would typically be a complete machine including refrigeration, controls, and dispenser, requiring only connection to power and water supplies.
Commercial ice makers improve the quality of ice by using moving water. The water is run down a high nickel content stainless steel evaporator. The surface must be below freezing. Salt water requires lower temperatures to freeze and will last longer. Generally used to package seafood products. Air and undissolved solids will be washed away to such an extent that in horizontal evaporator machines the water has 98% of the solids removed, resulting in very hard, virtually pure, clear ice. In vertical evaporators the ice is softer, more so if there are actual individual cube cells. Commercial ice machines can make different sizes of ice like flakers, crushed, cube, octagon, and tube.

One of the biggest challenge faced by the seafood industry is to keep the freshness of the seafood from catch to sale. Ice is the most efficient way to provide proper cooling for the seafood during the storage and transport stage. It ensure the seafood to remain at the highest quality and freshness.

After fruits and vegetable are processed, ice is used to preserve the product in order to prolong the shelf life of the product. It ensure the processed product to remain fresh.

In bakery industry, Ice is used in the preparation of dough in order to control the temperature of each and every batch of dough produced. It prevents secondary fermentation, growth of bacteria, inconsistent texture and uneven quality of the dough.
Meat processing industry used ice to prevent bacteria growth in the process. During the slaughter process ice is also used to achieve critical cooling to lower the temperature of the meat in order to maintain freshness.

DRAS offers a wide rage of ice machine in order to cater all the clients’ requirement in their respective field.