Our Range Include

  • 40 ft Freezer
  • 20 ft Reefer Container
  • 40 ft Reefer Container

20' Reefer Container

20′ (6 m) is our most popular and rented reefer container. The container offers approx. 27 m³ of thermally regulated space for transport or storage. One end has a 32A power refrigerating system and the other has double doors.

The 20′ i.e. 6 m reefer container is our most famous and rented model. This popular reefer container is the perfect choice for you when you need to rent a thermally controlled space. Contrary to the name, the reefer container temperature can also be adjusted between 0 and 25 °C, so it can also be used to store non-refrigerated products.


40′HC insulated container, ex-reefer

The 40′ HC (12m) ex-reefer, or former refrigerated container, is an excellent solution as a thermally insulated container, when you need a heavy-duty container that withstands moisture. These are former reefer containers used for freight transport, with the refrigeration unit replaced by sandwich panels.

The 40’HC EX Reefer, or 12m raised, former refrigerated container, is an excellent alternative when you need a thermally insulated container. These are reefer containers, originally designed for freight transport, but with the refrigeration at the end removed and replaced by a sandwich panel. The containers are covered on all sides with strong 40–80mm urethane insulation, ensuring good thermal properties for year-round use without condensation problems. The interior surfaces of EX reefers are made of stainless steel and aluminium, thanks to which they withstand moisture and heavy use and can be easily washed with a high-pressure washer