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May 11, 2017
IQF (Individually Quick Freezer)
April 17, 2017

Horizontal Contact Freezer

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The horizontal contact freezer is very efective in block freezing and preserving products. It’s easy for handing, transportation and storage. It is a way for freezing packaged products. The product is placed into trays or freezing frame and these are slid between the freezing plates. After freezing, the trays are unloaded and the frozen blocks, flat and uniform, are easily stacked and stored.

Available in a comprehensive range of sizes which permit a wide choice of capacities and package dimensions and can be installed singly or as a multiple bank of freezers.

Variable number of freezing stations, from 4 to 20, to suit a wide range of products.

Low installation and running cost.

Designed to fit in limited space requirements.

  • Finish the frozen process
  • Product in the frozen frame
  • Taken product out of frames by hydraulic cylinder
  • Packing and storage the product at under - 18ºC
  • Food processing

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