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May 11, 2017
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May 11, 2017

Air Blast Freezer (Cabinet & Tunnel Type)

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Quick frozen and frozen process is semi continuous. Therefore, the quality of products is guaranteed.

The capacity of equipment was designed standards (standard module) such as 250 kg/hr, 330 kg/hr, 375 kg/hr and 500 kg/hr.

Capacity will meet every customer's request by assembling standard modules.

Accordance with the standards of food safety ( HACCP, FDA )

Suitable for the value added products in foods processing such as shrimp, fish, meat, spring rolls, etc.

  • Central temp. of product (inlet/outlet): < 200C / -180C
  • Freezing Capacity to meet all demand.
  • Designing for refrigerant is R717 / R22.
  • Cooling by liquid recirculation pump , gravity or directly by thermostatic expansion valve
  • Freezing temperature about -400C

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